Online exhibit of the treasures of Baghdad's National Museum of Iraq

MIT cosmologist Max Tegmark's personal website

Psychology Research Institute, University of Amsterdam

Mind Open presents interviews with noted psychology researchers

Making the world's scientific and medical literature a freely available public resource

How do we know what the objects in the universe are made of?

College-level study materials and resources

Physics tutorials and Shockwave simulations

The Edge Foundation promotes inquiry into and discussion of intellectual, philosophical, artistic, and literary issues. Its informal membership includes some of the most inquisitive minds in the world.

StinaLisa's Nostalgia Index includes the top hits from Rock 'n Roll's golden age.
The Index is but a small part of her sprawling Website featuring lots of other goodies.

Internet resources for research and education

Lecture notes, exams and course videos from the entire MIT curriculum

Dynamic, flexible and responsive open courses for independent personal learning

Plus magazine explores the world of mathematics with articles from the top mathematicians
and science writers on topics as diverse as art, medicine, cosmology and sport.

Explore the world from your computer

America's premier public library

BBC News
BBC World News
BBC World Service
BBC Mundo
BBC Knowledge

The global newspaper
Slide show: Why We Travel

Multilingual & professional dictionaries, thesaurus, idioms and encyclopedias

The world's most complete general reference knowledge base

Bookstore-quality print-on-demand self-publishing system

Outstanding customer service along with the finest sunglasses on the Web


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